What Does Subject To Credit Approval Mean

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What is a "Subject To" appraisal, and how can it save me. –  · The appraiser will then give a “subject to” value. If the bank is loaning you money on the home in its current condition then it will depend on the type of work it needs. If the bank is loaning you money on the home in its current condition then it will depend on the type of work it needs.

What To Do If Your Credit Card Application Needs Further. –  · Move credit around. It is possible that the bank feels it has already extended too much line of credit to you. This is where you can ask to move some of your existing credit card in order to get the new card approved. This means that the bank does not take any more risk by extending more credit. Mention why you want the card.

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Waiting seven to 10 days for a credit card approval does not automatically mean that you are denied. I applied online for a credit card, got the page stating that my application needed further reviewing (which a lot of people take it to mean a denial, including myself); however, I received a credit card in the mail nearly three weeks after I applied for it.

What does this mean? Subject to approval when you apply for a. – Answers. Best Answer: it means you have to be approved to get the credit card, they dont just give them to anyone. if you have had a credit line before, they will check your credit history and if you have bad credit they wont issue you a visa card. Just because you opened an account does not automatically guarantee you will get a credit card.

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Your order is being processed and is subject to final credit. – Your order is being processed and is subject to final credit approval.. It could just mean they are waiting for final credit CARD approval.to make sure your credit card goes through for the full amount due.. Your order is being processed and is subject to final credit approval.

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